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We develop collaborative relationships and explore environments, experiences, and activities that encourage curiosity and wonder. We value who children are, celebrate their unique gifts, believe in their capabilities, encourage their interests, and honour their feelings and ideas.

Infant Care and Learning
Under 12 months

This is much more than just day care. Warm, caring teachers bond and develop trust with children. We’ve designed a wondrous world that fosters the daily development of infant minds and bodies. Your little one starts their learning journey with us and we’ll work with you to make the transition a smooth and happy time.

Inside Your Infant’s day

Each day your child will be discovering things using all five senses, copying simple actions of the people around them, experimenting with toy instruments, exploring textures, colors, and learning a variety of words and sounds through playing with other children.

Infant Care and Education
13 to 18 months

When your child is all over the place, they’re discovering their world. Older infants learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way. The activities for this age group are built around toddlers’ limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.

Inside Your Infant’s day

Energy and excitement are a natural part of growth and learning. We channel that energy into positive learning experiences, giving toddlers room to move and explore. During their time with us, your child will learn to count, discover writing and music, and start building toward following simple instructions.

Toddler Discovery Education
19 months to 3 Years Olds

Your little one discovers more each day. They’re filled with energy and an innate curiosity about the world around them. They’re also quickly developing their sense of independence.

Inside Your Toddler’s day

Our approach to teaching this age as they navigate their world uses music, art, science, movement, and imaginative play with props and dress-up clothes. Much of this will include group play, where your child will make friends and learn cooperation and taking turns. We also help them explore their growing individuality.

Preschool Education
3 years and up

Improved coordination and thinking opens up the world for preschoolers. Our program introduces language, math, science, and social skills in a natural sequence to nourish learning one step at a time, with individual attention suited to your child’s unique needs. We help them build the routines and self-help skills that all independent learners need.

Moments in Your Preschooler's Day

Each day, preschoolers explore science experiments, create artwork, and play characters and movement games. In these ways, they learn following directions and other key skills for academic success.

Galería Aventuras

Physical Education

Fitness Class Every Day

Studies demonstrate the inter-connections between body and mind. At Great Adventures Active Learning Centre, we recognize that physical education is a critical part of every childhood curriculum. Children need to move to channel their energy in a creative way that helps them learn habits for lifelong health, through creating spaces of learning and playful discovery.



Parents Night Out
Once a month

A great night out begins with knowing your child is safe and having fun. Whether you need to run errands or you have a special ‘date’ night all planned out, you’ll get 3 uninterrupted hours of time to yourself while your children are entertained and kept busy with a fun themed party that is specially designed to improve their social and physical skills.


​We know it can be tough being a parent; keeping your children happy and healthy is more than just a full-time job. Great Adventures Active Learning Centre provides a program to ease stresses of the busy working parents. We understand the challenges parents face, and we recognize that in addition to a child’s need for quality and nurturing care, moms and dads have needs, too!

When: Last Friday of each month

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Includes: Fun-theme party, arts and crafts, music, pizza and juice.

Cost: Great Adventures full-time enrolled

          children are FREE

          Non-full- time enrolled children $30


          Additional siblings $25

Bday Parties

How can you make children’s birthday parties a piece of cake?

Celebrate your child’s special day with us. We offer a private and fun place to invite family and friends.

We host our birthday parties Saturdays and Sundays: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. If you prefer different times, let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate your request based on availability. 

There are a lot of activities to add to your birthday celebration to make it even more memorable and special.


Basic Package: $200 + GST


  • Venue

  • Invitation

  • Play centres

  • One hour of Salsa fiesta


Salsa Babies/Tots/Kids:


  • Age-relevant Latin dance class and craft

  • Up to 12 children/participants

  • A little gift for the Birthday child

  • Can be customized to match any theme

  • Over 12 participants (price per child $5)

Extras (optional):

  • Balloon animals: $60 (up to 12)

One creation per child, with 5 options


  • Dog on a leash 

  • Sword 

  • Turtle 

  • Lady-bug bracelet

  • Butterfly


 $5 per additional balloon creation 

  • Basic Face-painting 2 design options $40 (up to 12 persons)

$3 per additional person

  • Basic Face-painting 5 design options $50 (up to 12 children)

$4 per additional person

  • Salsa Tots Tatoo $20 (up to 12)

  • Balloon + Face-painting/Tattoo Combo: $40

  • Little gifts: $5 per child

Excluding the birthday child, whose gift is included with the basic package.

  • Over 12 participants:


Price per child $5 for the basic package

$2 per extra

Book your birthday party 3–4 weeks in advance to ensure your date is available. 50% deposit is required at time of booking.

Fun and Caring Party Hosts

Our child care staff will manage your party and keep your children entertained with lively, engaging party activities, including Salsa Babies Lethbridge. You’ll be free to celebrate with your child and take lots of pictures! You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that professionals trained in CPR and first aid are running the show.

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