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Registration Rate (non-refundable): $100

Registration rates includes:

  • A reserved spot for your child within the centre

  • Welcoming kit (water bottle, t-shirt, magnet, pen)

  • Administrative processes

Monthly Tuition Rates

Adventures Rates

5%   sum payments!

*These discounts apply only to the tuition rates mentioned below.


No two promotions can be combined.

Infant Care and Learning
Under 12 months

FULL TIME: $1133

3 DAYS A WEEK: $804

2 DAYS A WEEK: $587

Infant Care and Education
13 to 18 months

FULL TIME: $1082

3 DAYS A WEEK: $721

2 DAYS A WEEK: $546

Toddler Discovery Education
19 months to 3 Years Olds

FULL TIME: $1030

3 DAYS A WEEK: $690

2 DAYS A WEEK: $490

Preschool Education
3 years and up

FULL TIME: $1010

3 DAYS A WEEK: $649

2 DAYS A WEEK: $479


Adventures rates include:

  • Meals (*breakfast, hot lunch, 2 snacks)

  • Laundering of nap bedding (cot and sheet provided)

  • Supplies and materials

  • Experienced and qualified staff

  • Bilingual English/Spanish education

  • **Kids's nite out (Great for parents; best of all, you get a night off!)

  • Special events


*Breakfast is served from 6:30 - 7:30am

**Kids's nite out fee is included in the tuition for full-time            enrolled families

One Day

Adventure Pass

No registration fees, No contract, lots of fun and excellent care!

$310 per pass up to 4 visits per month

Is your regular caregiver on vacation or sick? Are you a stay-home-parent and have an appointment or need some time to pamper yourself? Does grandma need a break? Maybe you are thinking about returning to work after maternity leave and you wish to make it as painless as possible? We have your back!


Great Adventures Active Learning Centre Back-Up Care allows you to balance your responsibilities with the ever-changing demands of work. You can reserve a day here and there and even up to weeks at a time.

We offer back-up care on a space available basis

One Day Adventures Pass includes: 

⦁    Meals (breakfast, hot lunch, 2 snacks)
⦁    Laundering of nap bedding (cot and sheet provided)
⦁    Supplies and materials
⦁    Experienced and qualified staff 
⦁    Bilingual English/Spanish education 


One Day Adventure Pass families are welcome to join us for special events, Kids's nite out and extracurricular classes for an extra fee.


For our subsidized families, as long as all requirements are met, you are responsible for the portion that it is not cover under the grant. Parents are required to sign a contract stating they understand the fees are only possible as long as the grant is in effect, and should the grant not be renewed, parents are responsible for the full fee.
Subsidized families are welcome to join us for extracurricular classes for an extra fee.

 Join the Adventure!

We invite you to tour Great Adventures Active Learning Centre, meet with the staff, and learn more about what makes us so special for parents and children. Either schedule a tour, call the centre, or just drop in to see us at any time! We look forward to becoming your partner through your child’s precious years of growth and development and delighting you with the innovative ways Great Adventures Active Learning Centre brings out the best in your child.

Please fill out the registration form and send it by e-mail to 

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